“From our parents we learn the acts of kindness and charity…in their memory helping others becomes our goal"

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operating as the a.k.a. Sylvia & Martin Snow Family Fund                           A Donor Advised Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA

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The assessment of the needs and services led to an expansion of its program interests and the division of the assets into two separate foundations to better serve the Atlanta and Pittsburgh communities. Both foundations also serve the broader communities in additional states and Israel.

The Pittsburgh family has established The Sylvia and Martin Snow Family Fund as a Donor Advised Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation and in doing so have created a means for the next generation of family to take an active role in the charitable endeavors of the Snow-Schachter families.

In 1999, the foundation appointed a program officer from the family to help facilitate and monitor the funding and evaluation process. The program officer works closely with the Pittsburgh Foundation staff to better serve the community’s needs. All board members of the SMSFF are encouraged to visit agencies and be representatives of the foundation. Since the creation of the SMSFF more than $2 million has been given to more than 50 different agencies averaging $10,000 a grant and reaching thousands of community residents.

This year, Grants were given to local agencies developing program services in outreach to homeless, food pantries, job training, pre-school education, cultural arts, peer to peer outreach, family and youth, emotional support, and camping services.

The Sylvia and Martin Snow Charitable Foundation was created October 23, 1990 as a means to proliferate the charitable desires of the named creators, Martin and Sylvia Snow. The foundation was created with a grant from the estate of Martin Snow who passed away July 26, 1989. The SMSCF was initially established as a ‘supporting foundation’ of the United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh whose nonprofit corporation provided a blanket of security as well as help in procuring requests and guiding the process of giving grants.

In the fall of 1998, the SMSCF moved its base of operations to Atlanta, Georgia and its vehicle of incorporation to the Atlanta Jewish Federation. It used the change of venue as an opportunity to review and evaluate its purposes and goals as well as expanding its governance process.  

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